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RJ Raunac is the Man behind your every “Good Morning”. The Natural funny bone is active even when the mic is off and that’s the reason he is a charm to hear all the time.

The way he deals with the issues related to city, he wins every heart and he is the one who knows just the right pinch of satire needed to grab attention.


He wears the Mad cap of Bauaa - the funniest Prankster of Radio, A Character which Inspired Shahrukh Khan’s role as Bauaa Singh in the movie Zero - As stated by Shahrukh Himself Bauaa, who is naughty, wacky and can cast his Prank on anyone through his simple witty questions.

RJ Raunac winner of Golden Mike RJ of the Year, winner of  2 times IRF Best RJ of the Year- IRF and 2 times Best Sparkler Bauaa- IRF. He has also been the Best Humor Personality (Local Market) - Finalist New York Festival.

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