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The Power Of Audio Campaigns

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The world of advertising is constantly and rapidly evolving, but institutions have leveraged radio, television, print, billboard, transit and other “traditional” mediums. In a world full of success stories, different paths and journey’s have been taken to deliver meaningful campaigns, remarkable narratives and explore new possibilities in Audio. What is the successful creative format of engagement? How does the brand continue to evolve? How do brands capitalise on this golden age of audio. Come hear from a host of industry visionaries on some of the excellent campaigns presented on audio.


Led by - Ashwin Padmanabhan

Head Trading and Partnerships

Group M

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Influencer Marketing -

The GAMECHANGERS That Weave Magic 

Through Their Stories!

Radio Jocks are one of the most effective influencers today because they offer measurable results as a viable marketing strategy. With the help of celebrities, Radio has the ability to reach and engage with a large number of audiences over the airwaves - to increase awareness and drive sales for brands. RJs create content rich campaigns that engages audience and make Advertisers understand the power of Influencers. How relevant is the Influencer’s following to their brand? What are some of the incredibly effective ways they strategise their high-engagement and authentic reach to a vast audience of potential consumers? Let's hear from the best in the radio industry on their engagement ratio between branded and non-branded content.

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Moderator - Akash Banerjee
Co-Founder, NAB Digital       

Media & Host

The Desh Bhakt

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Panelist - LV Krishnan
TAM Media Research

Panelist - Rajiv Dubey
General Manager

Dabur India

Panelist - Anita Bose Chief Operating Officer
Madison Media

Panelist - RJ Ginnie
Radio City

Panelist - RJ Naved
Radio Mirchi

Panelist - RJ Nitin
Big FM

Panelist - RJ Raunac
Red FM

Storytellers in Audio – From Radio to Podcasts

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The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a 2015 study from Microsoft Corp quoted in the Time Magazine, people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain. How can Radio storytellers spin their magic on air to keep distracted audiences hooked on the power of audio alone. Let’s hear from the best creators in Radio and Podcasts on the power of long form audio stories and the challenges they face in today’s hyperkinetic world.


Led by - Indira Rangarajan

National Programming Head - Mirchi Love

Radio Mirchi

Kavita Rajwade.jpg

Panelist - Kavita Rajwade
Indus Vox Media (IVM)

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Panelist - Riya Mukherjee


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Panelist - Soela Joshi
Business Director

Big FM

Radio’s Dilemma - A Unified Measurement System

The need of the hour is a comprehensive Radio Audience Measurement system which is critical at a time when Radio advertising revenue is growing leaps and bounds. What is stopping people from investing towards a robust radio measurement system for the medium? While different stations resort to different ways to measure their audiences, it is absolutely necessary for the category to have a unified audience measurement system. Come hear from the industry experts their perspective about the viability and the roadblocks in making this transition.

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Led by - Meenakshi Menon

Managing Partner

Spatial Access

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Panelist - Divya Karani
Dentsu X India


Panelist - Nisha Narayanan


93.5 RED FM & Magic FM

Sanchayeeta Verma.jpeg

Panelist - Sanchayeeta Verma

Senior Vice President


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