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Our 2020 Sessions

Restoring the Soul of Radio

Despite the rise in social media and the emergence of the digital age, Radio still remains one of the most powerful mediums that can reach such a broad cross section of potential customers. While radio did experience a 30% surge in listenership during the intense lockdown months, monetising this has been a challenge. FM Radio now desperately needs support from the government: short-term life support as well as long-term policy support.


What short-term measures should the government take immediately? 

What are the growing trends that might help advertisers and communities plan accordingly take note and think differently

What plans for reseting and transforming the industry during these challenging times?


Addressing this thought provoking and meaningful keynote panel discussion of resurrecting the soul of Radio in 2020 and beyond… we have a fantastic line-up of industry leaders that question, share and lead their teams to build a strong roadmap for Radio.

Led By


Sonal Kalra

Managing Editor (Lifestyle)

Hindustan Times


Anurradha Prasad




Nisha Narayanan

Director & COO



Abe Thomas


Reliance Broadcast Network


Ashit Kukian


Radio City

Digital Audio – A Path to Leverage the Global Uptick in Audio Consumption

The given state of how the pandemic has affected the consumption habits of people in many ways.  The time that people spend consuming media, the generally accepted consumption habits etc. have all been readjusted.  Audio too has seen a shift, while pre pandemic trends had already suggested there was rapid growth in podcast consumption and other audio formats, the events over the last few months have been a catalyst of sorts to accelerate these trends.  Publishers, ad-tech and brands are all poised to leverage this.  In India we are defining our own path on how this transpires.  This conversation brings together some of the biggest and best of digital audio buying, publishers, brands and technology to discuss and define how we shape this future while we discuss;


  • What brands and buyers of digital audio expect?

  • How publishers see their content monetized?

  • The potential and limits of digital audio advertising?

  Led By  


Abe Thomas


Reliance Broadcast Network


Lloyd Mathias

Business Strategist


Rita Sahajpaul

National Head of Product & Marketing Science

Xaxis India


Sreeraman Thiagarajan

Co-Founder & CEO

Agrahyah Technologies & aawaz


Vipul Bathwal

VP - Strategy & Monetization Products


Audiences Empowering Audio

In a new un-lockdown world of 2020, the Digital landscape has enveloped audiences across socio-economic categories. One of the largest sector fulfilling the needs of consumers has been the Entertainment segment. The power of connected devices has enabled more audiences to bridge with their preferred content across a variety of platforms providing Audio & Video in traditional as well as in digital.

In India and worldwide, during the last 2 quarters, content consumption in digital platforms has jumped up almost 10x with new audiences crisscrossing across segments. With ears & eyes of audiences glued to content, advertisers have now restarted exhibiting their presence strongly in newer platforms, including audio. But their longer associations with these platforms will rest upon availability of deeper data & insights of these audiences. Therefore;

  • How has audience research kept pace with the change? 

  • What new technologies are being tested for researching audiences? 

  • With popularity in Non-linear Content getting more popular, how has traditional Radio stations using data to engage audiences? 

  • In a new era of data privacy laws & vanishing of third party cookies, what are the new changes in Research methodology that organizations will employ?

  • Is ML & AI helping mine audience data even more in a better way to help programming and marketing?  

  Led By  


L V Krishnan


TAM Media Research


Benjamin Masse

Managing Director, Market Development & Strategy

Triton Digital


Hemant Mehta

Managing Director, Insights Division & Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia



Kartik Sharma

Group CEO

Omnicom Media Group, India


Manoj Dawane

Founder & CEO

VTION Media Analytics


Sunil Kumaran

Country Head - Product, Marketing & THWINK


The World of Podcasts

Podcasts are growing at a geometrical pace today, and India is occupying a major stake in the podcast world. Ever since audio streaming services, led by Apple way back, began giving podcasts an equal place on their apps, and as India looks forward to 100 million podcasts listeners by end 2020, there was never a better time to reach out to quality digitally enabled and active audiences of podcast listeners. 

What do marketers need to know about podcasts, their power and immersive quality, and their potential for great communication impact?  How do they help digital marketers adopt the most some of the most popular global digital marketing trends and tools in India?  And from creation to publishing to deploying and promoting, how should a marketer approach this exciting element and deploy it to best advantage across most applications that range from internal to external communications, and provide one of the most rewarding modes of marketing and strategic communication and profiling, to marketers? 

Come hear from the best as they share their business goals.

  Led By  


Pavan R Chawla

Vice President - Digital Services

Adfactors PR


Amit Doshi


IVM Podcasts


Amit Sethiya

Chief Marketing Officer

Syska Group


Anand Kumar Bajaj



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