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Radio is playing as loudly as ever, with new digital options, new funding sources and a host of innovative ways to connect with a wide range of audiences. Around the world, the radio dial is being revitalized and recognized anew as a valuable part of the media and content creation mix.

  • Is India keeping up with world trends in radio?

  • Is there anything we need to know about the rest of the world that can be applied to the Indian radio landscape?

  • What are the predictions for India’s radio scene?

  • Just how many players are too many?

  • How can radio be most effectively, efficiently and creatively added to the media mix?

  • What do media buyers need to know – and how can this best be delivered – to make the most effective radio decisions possible?

  • How niche is niche when it comes to audience segments for radio?

  • What are the technologies that will make the most difference to radio players and to listeners?

  • Is digital radio a good option or a fancy gimmick for India?

  •  What are the best regulatory models for radio in the next communications age – and how best can India move towards a modern and robust framework that will encourage growth?

  • And last, but by no means least, what are the business models for a new radio environment?

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