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TAM Media Research
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L V Krishnan, is the CEO at TAM Media Research. He is one of the most experienced and competent professional in the Media Research arena, with en experience of over two decades in the world of Media Insights. His contribution to the growth and development of understanding data analytics for Programming, & Marketing of Media Brands has significantly helped mentor a nascent blossoming TV media industry in India. His vision is characterized by the belief that all harmonious research work will spark a new insight that is bound to deliver ROI for the businesses. He has been a speaker at Global Media Research Forums of ESOMAR & ARF and continues to be a Visiting faculty in leading B-Schools across India. He is also a Strategic Advisor in new Digital Startup Boards besides being an Independent Board of Director in Zirca Digital.


LV joined the Indian media planning community in 1992. He spent initial years in Mediacom (Grey India) & JWT to overlook their media planning for Bayer, P&G & Unilever brands. Later, he joined Starcom to head Strategic Planning team and went on to win the Starcom most prestigious global media award, 'North Star', for strategizing and execution of innovative media planning for Coke. He joined TAM in year 2000 and continues to foray the organization in newer areas of RPD Measurement, Neuro-Science, Digital Advertising Tracking, Data Analytics & Delivering Insights for Business ROI.

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