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Tapas Sen is first “Chief Programming Officer” of India’s Radio Industry. His romance with the medium straddles the last two decades, the entirety of which he has spent with Mirchi, India’s largest private radio network. Little wonder then that he often choses to describe himself  as a “true  radio jihadi”. (If Jihadi is too militant for you, he is happy to be labelled as an “Evangelist of the medium”)


In addition to being a part of Mirchi’s core strategy team, Tapas spends considerable time lecturing on radio to hundreds of aspiring media students and practioners across the country. Apart from speaking at forums like FICCI, IIT, ISB-Hyderabad, Ad Clubs, Unicef, Delhi University, IIMC and other prominent Media Schools, he also used to be part of the visiting faculty at MCRC, Jamia Milia University, teaching MA (Previous) students.


In what Sen considers as one of his favourite achievements is he being the FIRST ever “Indian Radio person” to be invited to be a part of the very prestigious Cannes Jury in 2014 Lions.


Unfathomably, Tapas is a “Zoologist and an Entomologist” by education. He is also an acerbic political commentator on the Social Media and often writes Music columns for The Times Of India. He is however still trying to find his political utopia.

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