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Radio City’s Ginnie Mahajan, aka RJ Ginnie, is the most popular RJ in the country’s capital city – Delhi. She has been successfully running the 7-11 breakfast show on Radio City in Delhi called ‘Suno na Dilli’ for more than 5 years now.

The voice of Delhi on radio, RJ Ginnie aims to represent the common man by constantly raising their questions, issues to the authorities. Ginnie is the most awarded Radio Presenter in the country and she has won awards at all major national and international radio forums including The India Radio Forum, Golden Mikes and New York festivals to name a few.

She has a diverse experience in the field, having previously worked with prominent brands like AIR, HT Media, DNA, Statesman, Meow Radio, etc. When she is not RJ-ing, Ginnie is finding content for her shows by talking, holidaying, reading and observing people’s behavior in various settings

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