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Neelesh Misra is India's most loved oral storyteller who revived storytelling and is one of the main contributors to the revival of radio listening in India over the past decade. He is the biggest innovator in the audio space in recent times. He conservatively reaches more than 100 million listeners every month across platforms including Big FM, Radio Mirchi, Red FM, All India Radio, Saavn and Gaana. It has won radio's top honors.


His award-winning primetime show, Yaadon Ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra on 92.7 BIG FM is currently in its 5th season, airing across 53 cities, 1200 towns and 50,000+ villages. The cult show is a national habit. Mr. Misra's work has triggered the revival of a spoken word revolution in India, creating a sub-culture of open mic performances and poetry and storytelling sessions in colleges and cafes, resulting in the creation of thousands of new voices.

Apart from this, his work is airing or has aired on several radio broadcasters including Radio Mirchi, Red FM, Radio City and All India Radio.

Mr. Misra also commands huge popularity in the digital universe, with his shows on Saavn and Jio, the two biggest apps in the entertainment space in India.

Mr. Misra narrates stories written by him and a group of writers he mentors (collectively called the Mandali) every day.

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