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Power of Radio

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A power packed panel discussion on “Power of Radio” which aims to create awareness about radio as a powerful medium for both consumers and advertisers. The panelists will discuss the findings of the recent report by Nielsen commissioned by Music Broadcast Limited, to understand the media consumption habits of audiences across Metros & Non-Metros .The study highlights  the growth potential of the industry, the Indian radio industry beating global trend and much more. The survey also answers most of the questions we in the media fraternity have been grappling with like.

  • Which medium is favoured by the audience as the most trusted and credible source of information?

  • Which sector gets the most ROI from which medium?

  • Which is the most used platform to hear music? 


It’s time to unmask the true potential of Radio 2.0!

Mr. Abraham Thomas - CEO , Radio City 91
Satbir Singh.jpeg

Moderator - Abraham Thomas
Chief Executive Officer

Radio City 91.1FM

Panellist - Rohit Upadhyay
Managing Director & CEO

iBroad7 Communication

Panellist - Satbir Singh
Founder & Chief Creative Officer


Panellist - Divya Karani
Chief Executive Officer

Dentsu X India

Influencer Marketing - The GAMECHANGERS That Weave Magic

Through Their Stories

Regardless of size, companies want to create strong brands around their businesses. Brands are the backbones of companies and its critical to invest in them. Come hear from the best in the business while they share their unique insights and experiences in bringing forth their brand stories, discover how brands communicate effectively, explore  strategies to outshine competition and discuss the importance of creating sub-brands and brand extensions.

Akash Banerjee.jpg

Moderator - Akash Banerjee
Co-Founder, Nab Digital       

Media & Host

The Desh Bhakt

Power of Radio
Creating Brands & Sub-Brands...
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