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The Excellence in Radio Awards was created with the aim of supporting and recognising quality in radio broadcasting in India.  The Awards celebrates the very best of Indian radio, honouring outstanding programming, on-air personalities, marketing & promotions and creativity within the industry.

These categories are rewarded with the specially created Excellence in Radio Awards (ERA) trophy, an exclusive commissioned statute befitting the prestige and importance of the awards. The ERA is the benchmark of quality by which radio professionals, consumers and advertisers recognise, reward and celebrate outstanding content and creativity.

Overview of Awards

Entries Submission

All submitted material must have been originally broadcast between 16 Jan, 2019 and 15 Jan, 2020. Awards materials must be submitted by 20th February 2020, 3.00pm, otherwise late fees apply. Last date for submission is 2nd March, 12pm. 

*Single Entry : INR6,500    |    *Late Entry : INR8,000

*All associated bank charges, fees and applicable taxes are to be borne by the entrant/remitter. Awards fees are subject to applicable Government taxes.

2020 Award Categories


  P01   Best Breakfast Show (Hindi)
  P02   Best Breakfast Show (Tamil)
  P03   Best Breakfast Show (Telugu)
  P04   Best Radio Show (Non-Breakfast – Hindi)
  P05   Best Radio Show (Non-Breakfast – Tamil)
  P06   Best Radio Show (Non-Breakfast – Telugu)
  P07   Best Radio Show (Bengali)

  P08   Best Radio Show (English)
  P09   Best Radio Show (Gujarati)
  P10   Best Radio Show (Kannada)
  P11   Best Radio Show (Malayalam)
  P12   Best Radio Show (Marathi)
  P13   Best Radio Show  (Hindi – Non-Metro Station)

  P14   Best Radio Sparkler (Hindi)


  T15   RJ of the Year (Hindi)
  T16   RJ of the Year (Tamil)
  T17   RJ of the Year (Telugu)
  T18   RJ of the Year (Bengali)

  T19   RJ of the Year (English)
  T20   RJ of the Year (Gujarati)
  T21   RJ of the Year (Kannada)
  T22   RJ of the Year (Malayalam)
  T23   RJ of the Year (Marathi)
  T24   RJ of the Year (Hindi – Non-Metro Station)

Promotion & Marketing

  M25   Best Radio Promo - In-House (Hindi)
  M26   Best Radio Promo - In-House (Tamil)
  M27   Best Radio Promo - In-House (Telugu)
  M28   Best Radio Promo - In-House (Bengali)

  M29   Best Radio Promo - In-House (English)
  M30   Best Radio Promo - In-House (Gujarati)
  M31   Best Radio Promo - In-House (Kannada)
  M32   Best Radio Promo - In-House (Malayalam)
  M33   Best Radio Promo - In-House (Marathi)

  M34   Best Radio Station Imaging

  M35   Best Radio Programme Packaging

  M36   CSR Initiative of the Year  *revised
  M37   Best Interactive Idea
  M38   Most Creative Campaign
  M39   Best Marketing Campaign

  M40   Best On Ground/ Activation by an FM Station
  M41   Excellence in New Media Initiative

  M42   Best New Launch 

  M43   * Best FM Network 

* Points from the winning and runner up entries of the Programming, Talent and Promotion & Marketing    

  categories are tabulated to determine the winner of the Best FM Network.


  A44   Best Use of Music/ Song/ Jingle by an Advertiser in a Radio Spot
  A45   Most Effective Use of Radio in an Activation Campaign
  A46   Most Outstanding Use of Radio in an Ad Campaign


- In the event that any individual category attracts fewer than the minimum number of entries, the organiser reserves the right to withdraw that category

- All relevant permissions and copyrights are assumed to be cleared by the entrant. All entrant agree that the entries may be used at the discretion of India Radio Forum for educational and/or promotional purposes without further reference to the submitting company. Full credit will be given.

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