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Anand Kumar



PayNearby is India’s largest hyper-local fintech network that enables retailers at the first mile to offer digital financial and non-financial services to the masses. At the unique, multidimensional fintech company, Anand is responsible for creating a strategic roadmap towards growth while also managing its key resources. Having held valuable positions at leading corporations including Ernst & Young, ICICI Bank and YES Bank, Anand has over 18 years of rich experience with high impact projects in the digital payments sector.


At PayNearby, Anand’s goal is to scale its services and establish its presence across 20 countries, touching the lives of 2 billion people in the next 5 years. He believes that the company will be the world’s largest hyperlocal fintech network by 2021, a feat that it will achieve on the back of its unique, customer-centric solutions. And one of the tools for both, greater awareness and customer acquisition? Podcasts. Wait for it.

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